Diamond 5 Softball Academy is located in Madison Indoor Recreational facility.  We have six cages, a full infield for softball and baseball, an Iron Mike pitching machine and an Atec pitching machines.  Our facility offers every player the best of everything:  leagues, lessons, clinics, camps and much more.

Our instructors have all played at the highest level in their sports respectively.  From Major League baseball to Division I baseball and softball.  The instructors at Diamond 5 have one priority:  to teach the game and skills needed to succeed.


1.  Membership is recommended, not required.

2.  Outside Instructors can be brought in for an additional $25 per rental.  The fee is $30 additional for a Diamond club member.  All fees must be paid prior to the rental or booking.

3.  Class Fees will be $15 per class maximum 5 players and $10 per class with a maximum of 12 players (two instructors)

4.  All Non Members will face an additional $10 fee per rental, lesson, camps, clinics, special events.


All individuals need to have a Diamond 5 Membership in order to receive instruction, participate in leagues, participate in classes and rentals at the facility.

Membership Options:

Rookie Membership $25 

basic membership for Madison Indoor, allows the member insurance and discounts on camps, clinics, cage rentals and special events,,,detailed membership information

Diamond Club Membership $450

Personal and practice only, unlimited use of facility if open and available, no advance booking (walk-in only), summer hours will be extremely limited and sporadic, all hours posted on on a monthly basis,,,detailed membership information

Diamond Club Family Membership $700

Personal and practice only for your family, unlimited use of facility if open and available, no advance booking (walk-in only), summer hours will be extremely limited and sporadic, all hours posted on on a monthly basis,,,detailed membership information

Team Diamond Membership $2000

Highlights:  book a time for six consecutive weeks, one hour, if occupied with other rentals, additional time may be used, daily bookings are permitted must call in advance, coach must have minimum of six players and be present ,,,detailed membership information

Non Members will be allowed to use the facility and will pay an additional $10 per rental.



Lesson will be given by either a Gold Coach or a Silver Coach.

Gold Coaches will have college playing and coaching experience at the Division I, II, III level.  They will be former collegiate coaches that are dedicated to the ultimate goal of teaching your athlete to suceed.

Silver Coaches will be current or former Division I athletes.  They may also be high school coaches.

Call 859-625-1320 to set up your appointment today.

 Private 1 hour lesson $55 $40
Private 30 minute lesson $35 $25
1-4 Players 1 hour lesson $25 per player $20 per player
5-8 1 hour lesson $20 per player Not available
Team Rate (10+) $10 per player Not Available


 Kelley Anderson

Anderson has over twenty five years of softball experience.  The former Division I player has experience in all facets of the game.  As a college coach at the NAIA, NCAA I and NCAA III levels, Anderson had a winning percentage of over 80% as a college head coach.  She has been doing camps, clinics and lessons for over 15 years.  Her expertise is pitching, catching, hitting and defense.


xsmall_Costa_MelissaMELISSA COSTA

Costa, former EKU player, from 2010-2013, a left hander hitting outfielder from California will be giving lessons at D5.  She will primarily work with overall skills, with an emphasis on outfield play , hitting, slapping and bunting.

To book an appointment with Melissa please call 859-625-1320 or 209-996-6164

She is available Friday, Saturday and Sunday




Reisinger, former EKU player, from 2011-2013, a lefthander slapper from Mesa, Arizonafacebookxsmall_Reisinger_Carissa will be giving lessons at D5.  She will be working with players in all areas of softball.  Her main emphasis will be fielding, hitting, slapping, bunting and speed and agility.

To book an appointment with Carissa, please call 859-625-1320 or 480-326-5053.

She is available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.



Every Tuesday .  $15 per class (6 players per instructor)

Classes run Tuesday  7:00pm

START DATE:  January 14, 2014


Every Thursday .  $15 per class (6 players per instructor)
Classes run Tuesday at 6:00pm
START DATE:  January 16, 2014


TBA – $15 per class (6 players per instructor)

Classes run:  TBA


For boys and girls 4-8.  The weekly one hour session will feature 30 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of scrimmaging.  There is a tee ball session and a coach pitch session.  There is a defined curriculum designed by an educator to enhance the progress of your child.

COST: $85 per session


Classes will be TBA


START DATE: October 1, 2013-February 15, 2014

DAYS:  Wednesday 6:00pm

AGES 9 and up

COST: $10 per session





U8, U10, U12, U14 and U16

                               SESSION II- January 4-February 15, 2014
40 teams total , all others will be on a waiting list.  Sign up Early
COST PER TEAM: $600 with full memberships or NON MEMBER PRICE $750.00 a team (Team insurance required)
Guaranteed Seven games
Games will be played on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays (Sunday mornings may also be used for game times)
(Please note:  Team insurance is required for teams that choose the non member rate)


d5infieldOur facility features a fully functional field.  Allowing games to take place, a place to host practices and an opportunity for your player to get ready for the season.  We are currently in the midst of our first softball indoor league, hosting over 20 teams with ages ranging from U10 to U16.
We also offer t-ball and coach pitch classes for boys and girls ages 4-8.  Call Madison Indoor today at 859.625.1320.  There is always a program available to suit your needs.

8 on 8 Softball Rules-Diamond 5

Playing Rules & General Info

Winter 2013/14


1.  Player age is based on age as of January 1, 2013

2.  Team Pre-Game Warmup – IMPORTANT – Each team will have use of one (1) hitting tunnel for no more than 60 minutes prior to their game.  These limitations will be strictly enforced.  Please note schedules may change, but we will make every effort to set six weeks in advance.

3.  All players must have the minimum membership of $25, other teams may have team insurance and signed waivers

4.  NO food, beverages and tobacco products on the field (this includes sunflower seeds and chewing gum).

5.  Dugouts will be in the outfield in left and right field. In left field behind the glass and in right field behind the wall.

6.  Game balls will be 12 inch balls for U16/14 and 12, U 10 will use 11 inch balls and will be provided by the umpires.  A jugs softie will be used in the U16 Division.

7.   Players may wear rubber/molded cleats (no metal).

8.   Home team has the official book.

9.   Teams may roster a maximum of 10 players.

10.  No records of win and losses will be taken during the regular season.  A blind draw will be used for the season ending tournament.

11.  A regular season game CAN end in a tie if time has elaspsed.

12.  All teams will provide their own uniforms/t-shirts with a number on the back.  The batting order must be given to the home plate umpire prior to the game.  Batting lineup cards will be provided in your coaching package.

13.  All coaches must sign a “Coaches Conduct Form” before the team plays.  It will be in the coaching package.

Playing Rules  Special Indoor Rules at Diamond 5

1.  No inning shall begin after 1 hour and 15 minutes.  The field umpire will keep the game clock and a visible run down of time will be on the scoreboard in centerfield.  Game clock starts when home team pitcher throws her last first warm-up pitch.  The game ends when time expires. Please NOTE:  This is a preseason league.  This is for the benefit of the players and shall be treated accordingly.

2.  Between games, the umpire will put 8 minutes on the clock and Home team shall take the field when time expires.  The game clock starts when the Home team pitcher throws his last warm-up pitch.  No pre-game Infield.

3.  A team can score five runs per inning, including the final inning.  Should a team be ahead by more than five, time has elapsed; the teams will continue to play until one hour and fifteen minutes.  For example:  The Shamrocks are the visitors and they are leading the Wizards by a score of 14-3.  It is the top of the fourth inning, but the hour five minutes is past.  The home team cannot come back, however we will allow play until 1 hour and fifteen minutes to allow additional practice.

4.  Seven inning games will be played if time limit allows.  No 10-Run Rule (so teams get as much softball as possible).

5.  Eight players will play the field defensively.  A team can field six players only if the game begins with the required seven (injury only).

6.  All players on each team can be in the batting order.  Once the batting order is set it cannot be changed. Free defensive substitution is allowed.

7.  Courtesy runner (last player to make an out) for the catcher must be used with 2 outs

8. Balls hit to the outfield wall will be played as is.  Balls going over the yellow line will result in a homerun.

9. A batted fly ball that hits the ceiling net and is caught by a defensive player prior to the ball hitting the ground is ruled an out and all runners have to tag-up.

10.   A batted fly ball that hits the ceiling net in foul territory or on the infield side of the ceiling net boundary rope and is not caught by a defensive prior to the ball hitting the ground player is ruled a foul ball.

11.   A batted fair fly ball that hits the ceiling net on the outfield side of the ceiling net boundary rope and is not caught by a defensive player prior to the ball hitting the ground is in play and will be played according to rule 9.  A batted fly ball that contacts the ceiling net and is not caught by a defensive player before hitting the ground will be ruled foul if it is judged foul when it contacts the ceiling net OR if it lands on the ground in foul territory.

12.   A batted fair ball that bounces and hits the ceiling net is in play with no limit on runner advancement.  If the fielder catches the ball off the net it will be an out.

13.  The Infield Fly Rule will not be in effect.

14.  On deck batters can stand in the far of outside the dugout in foul territory

15.  All equipment is to be kept in the dugout.

16.  Pitchers are allowed up to 3 warm-up pitches at the start of an inning.  New pitchers are allowed up to 5 warm-up pitches.  Coaches will warm-up the pitcher between innings if the catcher is getting ready.

17.  Facemasks are required in U14, U12 and U10 at the following positions:  pitcher, third base and first base.  U16 may use facemasks at their discretion.  Note:  Players, coaches and parents understand the risk of softball and the non-use of facemasks.

18.   The Diamond 5 Softball Director will decide all rules not covered here.  Protests are not allowed.   NOTE:  Some rules may change upon further evaluation for the betterment of the league.  All coaches will receive written notice of such rule changes.

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